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Ramirez Report - Survey

Julie Ramirez Director    By, Julie Ramirez

Survey Says!

Thank you to our 81 members that participated in our organizational survey. We had 4 winners that received $25 gift cards: Dr. Larry Hobbs, Dr. Paul Tritel, Dr. Robert Pollack, and Dr. Julio Cornado

I was so curious about what the survey results would be, that I installed the Survey Monkey app on my smart phone. Just a little nerdy! Here are the results: When asked if how satisfied are you with the value you receive as an LCMS member, 70% of members said that they were satisfied or very satisfied. That leaves 30% members being somewhat satisfied or worse. I see this needing improvement. Fortunately the answers to the rest of the survey help provide the possible solution to this satisfaction level.

When asked “have you ever recommended joining the Society to another physician”, 73% said yes. This is good news as people are more likely to join if they are asked. The top 3 things that are valuable LCMS benefits are:

1. The Bulletin,

2. The Pictorial Directory and

3. Local Advocacy.

65% responded that being too busy keeps them away from attending events. Despite our busyness, if we are going to continue to have meetings and events, what would you as a member like to see? Well survey says—

44% would like to see CME’s at meetings,

34% said have to continue having educational topics,

33% said to have family friendly events and

26% would love to have sporting activities.

I also like the suggestions of Women in Medicine dinners, travel clubs, Under 40 Member events and happy hours. There’s much potential here. I am excited to explore these ideas and watch membership grow so that we become a stronger physician community!

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