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We Care

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If you would like to volunteer for "We Care", Just contact Paul Whitear, we care coordinator. 239-628-1455 or

What is "We Care" of Lee County?

We Care of Lee County is a nonprofit human service and health care collaboration that helps uninsured residents gain access to specialty medical care. We Care staff coordinate services provided by private, licensed health care providers who donate appointments for a wide array of services. Lee Memorial Health System is one of several community partners in the collaboration.

Who is "We Care" for?

Uninsured patients with a life-altering medical condition, who have income below 200% of the federal poverty level, are from 19 to64 years of age and are not eligible for any other government programs.

Must have an acute medical condition which cannot be treated/managed by a primary care physician reside in Lee County for at least six months uninsured and not eligible for any source which would pay for the needed services (i.e., vocational rehabilitation, workman’s comp, litigation, VA, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.).

We Care is not an insurance agentand does not pay providers. We Care does not accept "self referrals". Referrals Cases must be referred by a primary care physician, clinic, or other medical facility.

Providers of these specialty healthcare services are protected by sovereign immunity, as defined in section 766.1115, Florida Statutes.

Primary Care Clinic; Primary Care services provide treatment of minor illnesses to uninsured individuals who are homeless. Services include, but are not limited to, physical exams, x-rays, medications and sub-specialty care referrals. Care is provided by licensed healthcare providers in collaboration with Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida. Healthcare for the homeless educates and empowers patients to have an active part in their health and well-being. This initiative also reduces the need for patients seeking non-emergent medical care in the emergency room. This comprehensive healthcare approach increases the likelihood that clients will be better equipped to enter the mainstream society.

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What is the Impact from from "We Care" of Lee County?

Patients receive access to health care they would otherwise not be able to afford. In 2013, 350 providers comprising of 30 specialties provided $6.7 million in services at cost. All told, approximately 350 patients received 600 referrals to more than 2,160 appointments.

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