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Thomas C. Chase

Fred and Nadine Chase

Fred & Nadine Chase

The Lee County Medical Society recently received an email from Thomas C. Chase for the HAPP Program website. Thomas Chase, a Fort Myers attorney wrote to let us know that our medical community was really blessed with knowledgeable compassionate physicians. He described just a few of the examples that came first in his mind. We felt that his story is a true testament of how 34 years in our community has treated him and his family. Excerpts from Mr. Chase’s email:

Dr. Sebastian Draulans, Lee Physicians Group and the wonderful people at his office literally saved my mother, Nadine’s life.  She was dissolving under a toxic dose of prescription meds, prescribed by a doctor far away from Fort Myers.  Dr. Draulans made major reductions and revisions to her medical therapy and my mother came alive again. On another occasion, during my father’s last year of life, he suffered from severe knee pain. Dr. Draulans would let us come to his office after hours on a Friday night to give dad an injection.

More recently, we needed a wound care specialist and were referred to Dr. Maria Alvarez of the Lehigh Wound Care Office.  Mom had a terrible "pressure" ulcer on her foot.  Dr. Alvarez and her staff have made us feel totally at home and have managed to get Mom on the path to recovery. Just the attitude of Dr. Alvarez and her staff has helped mom immensely.

Years ago, Dr. John Dusseau, Lee Neurosurgery, met with us to explain that our young son, age five at the time, needed an emergency skull surgery.  Though we were terrified, he calmly assured us that he would bring our son back.  He did just that.  Bryant is now a radiant young man working as a producer of television shows in the Pensacola area.

More recently I called Dr. Dusseau (John) about a friend, a Veteran of the Iraq Freedom Campaign. John personally called the Veteran and got him through his surgery and won his admiration for life.

The list goes on.  We have many fine physicians here in Fort Myers.  We are truly blessed.

As, I said, having met Mr. Chase, his attitude is a welcoming and appreciated way to live your life. Mr. Chase volunteers in many organizations in Lee County to give back for the blessings he has received. We thank Mr. Chase for his contribution to our HAPP website so that others may enjoy his stories.