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Florida Medical Association

Florida Medical Association

FMA Annual Meeting

  2015 House of Delegates Actions


*Action on Recommendations and Informational Reports from the

  Board of Governors-Pg.2

*Action on 2015 Resolutions - Pgs. 3-15


Resolutions Referred to the Board of Governors:

15-101 Board Re-Certification, South Florida Caucus


End the Monopoly of Certifying Physicians by the ABIM and Support Development of Meaningful Alternative Certification, Ellen W. mcKnight, M.D., Delegate, Florida Society of Rheumatology, Florida Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Society, Escambia County Medical Society in Conjunction with Santa Rose County. 


Opposing the Federation of State Medical Boards Interstate Medical Licensure Compact,Charlotte County medical Society


Board Certification as Proof of Competency, Orange County medical Society and Florida Orthopaedic Society


FMA Opposition to the Sale of Distribution of Aborted Fetal Body Parts, Diane Gowski, M.D. and Angeli Akey, M.D,


Equal Participation by FMA Delegates, Secialty Society Section, Orange County medical


Make Facility Fees Transparent to Consumers, Orange County medical Society and Florida Orthopaedic Society


Expedited Partner Therapy, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, District XII


Florida Based Solution for Graduate Medical Education Funding, Orange County medical Society


Waiver for Out-Of-State licensed Physicians to Provide Volunteer Healthcare Services to the Indigent and Underinsured, Manatee County Medical Society


Healthcare Rights of Conscience, Angeli Akey, M.D. Delegate and Diane Gowski, M.D. Delegate


FMA Advocacy for the Repeal of the Alternative Payment Models (APM) and Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), Sarasota County Medical Society, Charlotte county medical Society


Enhansed Patient Care through Information Sharing and Coordination, Collier County Medical society, Sarasota County medical Society, Charlotte County Medical Society


Elimination the Medicaid Physician Fee Schedule, Radhakrishna K. Rao, Delegate



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