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Dreams Come True

Laura Krejci

My husband Jason and I were trying to start a family and were becoming frustrated when trying the good-old-fashion-way didn’t seem to work. In order to make our dream come true, we turned to Dr. Craig R. Sweet in the hope of finding out information that would help us conceive the children we had always hoped for.

First we tried regular oral ovulation medications combined with intra-uterine inseminations (IUI’s) and even superovulation/IUI procedures (injectable hormones with inseminations) several times without success. I then underwent an outpatient laparoscopic procedure for my endometriosis. After healing from my surgery, we tried to conceive naturally without success. I had literally given up hope and was saving up to start an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. During the Super IUI procedure, the sixth procedure overall, we finally became pregnant! It took us over three years and a great deal of work, but my dreams finally came true! I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl born in June of 2011. She was perfect and my husband and I felt complete. We couldn’t imagine our life without this little girl.

We decided to try again for another child and started the process again with Dr. Sweet. This time around, we found things a little different; I needed to change my eating habits and take additional medication while preparing for the next pregnancy. I had even given up hope with the most recent superovulation/IUI procedure talking to Dr. Sweet about a potential IFV cycle. I vividly remember thinking that I was getting my period and how disappointed I was that I was again not pregnant. Amazingly, I took a pregnancy test and found we were pregnant again! Within a number of days, I developed a pain in my right side and called Dr. Sweet’s office. They suggested I get checked out at the Emergency Room because I was out of town at the time (against dr. Sweet’s orders!). The ER physician examined me without determining the cause of my pain. I returned back to Fort Myers to see Dr. Sweet; he was concerned I had a very rare heterotopic pregnancy, a twin pregnancy where one baby is in the uterus where it belongs and the other stuck in one of my Fallopian tubes putting me in danger. Dr. Sweet preformed emergency laparoscopic surgery to remove my right Fallopian tube with the ectopic pregnancy within while trying to not harm the child still in my womb. Now, I am now 26 weeks pregnant and feverishly preparing for baby number two!

We were always very open with our friends and family during our time of infertility and have found that there are many other couples that struggle with the problem of conceiving. Perhaps this story will inspire another couple to not give up hope.

We are very happy to have our daughter Abigail and are now looking forward to our son’s arrival in December. Dr. Sweet was an amazing blessing for our family. I always felt safe and in great hands. When things got tough, he was always there looking out for our best interest and took the time to walk us through all the possible options and scenarios. He helped us to attain our dream of a having children, for which we will always be grateful!